XFusion FusionServer 5288 V6-LE

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Model : XFusion FusionServer 5288 V6-LE
Form Factor : 4U Rack Server
Processors : 1/2 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processor (Ice Lake) (8300 / 6300 / 5300 / 4300 Series) , up to 270W
Chip Set : Intel® C621A
Memory : 32 DDR4 memory slots, up to 3200 MT/s; Up to 16 Intel® Optane TM Persistent Memory 200 Series, up to 3200MT/s
Operating Systems : Microsoft Windows Server、SUSE Linux Enterprise Server、VMware ESXi、Red Hat Enterprise Linux、CentOS、Oracle Linux、Ubuntu、Debian、openEuler etc
Local Storage :
Various hard disk configurations are supported. The hard disks are hot swappable:
· 36 to 44 3.5-inch SAS/SATA HDDs and 4 NVMe SSDs
Flash storage:
· Dual M.2 SSDs
RAID Support : Supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 50, 6, and 60, cache supercapacitor protection, RAID level migration, disk roaming, self-diagnosis, and web-based remote configuration, and multiple network expansion capabilities
Network :
· OCP 3.0 NIC
· The two FLEX I/O card slots support two OCP 3.0 NICs, which can be configured as required
· Supports multiple OCP 3.0 NICs
· Supports hot swap
PCIe Expansion : A maximum of 11 PCIe 4.0 slots, including one dedicated PCIe slot for the RAID controller card, two dedicated FLEX I/O slots for OCP3.0, and eight standard PCIe 4.0 slots
Fan Modules : 4 hot-swappable fans, supporting N+1 redundancy
Power Supply : 900W AC Platinum/Titanium power supply (Input: 100–240 V AC or 192–288 V DC)
Security Features : Security features such as power-on password, administrator password, TPM 2.0, security panel, secure boot, and cover opening detection
Operating Temperature : 5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F) (ASHARE Class A1/A2/A3)
Dimensions (H x W x D) : Chassis dimensions: 175 mm x 447 mm x 790 mm
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